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Winner's hair not ice cream
Mad Walrus can exclusively reveal that film director Michael Winner's hair is NOT made of ice cream.Winner,famous for stuffing his podgy face at posh restaurants and then slagging them off in papers and magazines,informed us,"Calm down dear! It's just a rumour that my hair is made out of ice cream! It's actually made out of cotton wool."
He then waltzed into a posh London restaurant and proudly proclaimed, "I'm Michael Winner and I want my dinner."
But leading snow expert Michael Fish has attacked Winner's claims and told us, "Although I can't be one hundred percent sure at this stage,I am all but certain that Mr. Winner's hair is probably snow.Mind you,don't quote me on it,I could be wrong.I've been wrong about stuff before,you see."

Click play on the video above to see Michael Winner in E-sure action.